My Books

All my books are listed here, new readers and old ones alike can find all my books. Each book is arranged in its respective series and is arranged in order.

The Battle for Allegra: Relegated

Matthew is tasked with killing a friend… At the request of space marine Second Lieutenant Seville Wyndover, Matthew is hunting down his friend James. Matthew and Rav’ian rescued Wyndover at the expense of their “glory hunt.” Once Wyndover was saved, he returned the favor by giving them with more supplies than a Mudder could have …

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The Battle for Allegra: First Kill

Kill or Be Killed. Cliché? Yes. True? Even more so. Matthew was a 20-year-old fisherman. Now he’s a soldier that is about to get thrown into the meat grinder of war. If that isn’t bad enough, he’s stuck on the frontlines while the rest of the Coalition’s army awaits a “master plan” that has yet …

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