The Limit of Infinity Overview

The Limit of Infinity starts in the year 2290 and is the very first series I published.

I started writing this series all the way back in 2014. Back then, I was still in Middle School and I was just writing a book to write a book. Over the next five years, I continued writing this, and several other books, and I heard time and time again that I needed to publish my works.

Now with three books out in this series, I am finally following all those requests!

The Limit of Infinity represents everything I ever wanted in a science fiction book. I figured that if I was writing a book, I may as well do it my way.

That means that I got to have all the fighting I wanted, all the different societies. It meant I could include all the ails that I thought would plague the ideal sci-fi universe that was about to get into the bloodiest war that had ever been fought.

It also meant I could, and would, include all the aspects that made my writing unique. That meant I could focus on what I liked most in books, and avoid things I always found annoying. Like, who actually cares how tall a character in a book is? I mean, really? How does Sally Huntsmith being 5-feet-two-and-an-eighth-inches tall help anyone?

I have always preferred books that keep extraneous details out. Give me everything I need to picture where I am/where the story is taking place, and leave Sally\’s exact height out of it! I love reading about how the coastal hills cascade toward the rolling seas below. How there is a quaint seaside town that belongs as much to the sea as it does the land. But sometimes people go so overboard.

I like to keep things concise to the story I\’m telling. I\’ll tell you what you need to know, paint a picture of where you are, and tell you what people are feeling and what\’s going on. As I see it, there\’s no point in telling you that Sally\’s crush in kindergarten stole part of her shoelace.

So, with my lecture out of the way, here\’s The Limit of Infinity!

The Limit of Infinity

Renaissance: The Limit of Infinity Book One

Clive Ranger was born into a war that has raged on for generations.

Across the galaxy, families have been torn apart and cities have been razed. But Clive may be the one who shifts the tide of the rebellion that has risen up against the evil Coalition. 

The Coalition has locked away countless men and women utilizing them as slave labor across the galaxy. Clive is one of these unfortunate souls. However, he isn’t alone. Most everyone in the prison has their own scores to settle against the Coalition.

After all, it was the Coalition that killed their families, friends, and everyone they once knew.

Clive has a plan, and followers who have nothing to lose.

Can they finally retake their freedom?

Can they end the war they were all born into?

Escapade: A Price to Be Paid Book Two

On the run from the Coalition\’s forces,

Clive Ranger is at the helm of the outdated Resistance Fleet from Allur.

Thanks to Clive, the Resistance force on Allur is on the run, leaving behind the lives the comfortable lives they once knew. Leading the Resistance\’s legendary Eagle Fleet, Clive continues his journey to his anticipated safe-haven.  

Clive hopes to continue his lifelong vendetta from here, far from the Coalition\’s prying eyes. Fortunately, Clive is not alone, Trix and Richardson also have their own scores to settle with the Coalition. As do countless others in the Resistance.

But, not everything goes as planned when the retreating Resistance force arrives at Strehim.

Clive will find that the worst is yet to come.

Clive will have to reckon with the fact that he still has much to lose.

He needs to learn that the Coalition can still take away things he holds dear, including his own life, and the lives of his friends.  

Overcomer: No Man Left Behind Book Three

When nothing goes as planned, thinking on your feet is the only way to stay alive.

Clive is desperate after losing contact with every team he sent ahead to scout out Strehim. Every single team

He knows that he is in a race against the clock to find them. He also knows that he\’s in for a load more trouble, if the clouds of missiles he already faced were any indicator. 

As for those on the ground, they are fighting for their lives without any way to contact the fleet. 

Cut off from help, it is them, their wits, and whatever they may hope to find against a seemingly hostile world. 

What could possibly go wrong?

Or should we say, could things get worse?

More books are to come, don\’t worry! I\’m writing as fast as I can!

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