Books By Caleb Fast

I’ve always been a fan of science fiction. I’ve always written sci-fi stories for my own entertainment. Now I’m sharing what I’ve made with all of you.

All of my books take place in the same universe. Avid fans will even see crossover stories and scharacters between the various books. (Hey, as I’ve said, I love sci-fi and that’s somethign I’ve always enjoyed–ergo, I’m sure a lot of you will dig it too!)

All of the books by Caleb Fast:

The Battle for Allegra

This book follows the military campaigns of Allegra in the war against the extra-galactic aliens informally known as the “Beets”. The series is written from the sole point of view of Matthew Campbell, a young fisherman from a planet called Sinclair.

The Battle for Allegra is written in 10 episode seasons. the first two seasons are officially up, and more will be coming soon!

The Battle for Allegra is a lot bigger than just the main seasons that you have all grown to know and love. Be sure to check out all of the side stories, prequels, and such to really flesh things out and further enjoy the tale!

Thse stories can be read on their own, but it’s a lot more fun when you read everything together!

    The Limit of Infinity

    The Limit of Infinity is my first-ever series that I wrote and is filled with novels. This project is currently on hold as I focus on The Battle for Allegra, but it’s on my docket of tales to return to as soon as I can!

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