The Battle for Allegra: Relegated

Matthew is tasked with killing a friend…

At the request of space marine Second Lieutenant Seville Wyndover, Matthew is hunting down his friend James.

Matthew and Rav’ian rescued Wyndover at the expense of their “glory hunt.” Once Wyndover was saved, he returned the favor by giving them with more supplies than a Mudder could have dreamed of.

Matthew’s greatest dilemma isn’t the fact that he is hunting down a friend.

Now he himself is being hunted.

Will he be able to kill his hunters before they kill him?

Join Matthew as he fights to save Allegra!

Relegated is the fourth book in the short story military sci-fi series The Battle for Allegra. Dive into this thrilling story that is filled with all sorts of sci-fi warfare. If you love reading about ordinary people getting thrown into extraordinary circumstances, alien invasions, and space marine mechs, then Relegated is the book for you!

This is the sci-fi novella you’ve been waiting for. If you loved The MandalorianStargate Atlantis, The Expanse, or Battlestar Galactica then you’re sure to love The Battle for Allegra: Relegated.


The Battle of Allegra is a new sci-fi serial that is intended to be read in order! Each episode (which will be at least 10,000 words long) tells more of the story. Join in and read them today to see what befalls both Matthew and an entire planet which are both thrust into war they didn’t ask for.

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