The Battle for Allegra Overview

The Battle for Allegra starts in the year 2284, 6 years before The Limit of Infinity.

I wrote The Battle for Allegra with TV shows in mind. Each book is an episode and will be submitted in color-coordinated seasons. Season one is light blue!

The Battle for Allegra is a series of novelettes, but I prefer to call them short stories. Each book, or episode, is at least 10,000 words long which means it should take anywhere between a half-hour and two hours to read each book.

Oh, and the inspiration for the covers of these books were topographic maps. I love these particular maps because they actually show you the elevation of an area. That always bothered me with standard maps, especially when I was looking at the trails I would hike when I was with Search and Rescue.

A normal map made my search look short and sweet. A topographic map showed me that I would be climbing an insanely steep hill. Yes, both maps serve their own purposes, but I am particularly fond of topography!


The Battle for Allegra: Conscripted S1:E1

Nowhere is ever truly safe.

The year is 2284 and wars are endemic across Coalition Space.

Matthew Campbell was a fisherman before the Coalition arrived. All he had to worry about was bringing in the day’s catch. Now he is in the middle of a war that has already killed tens of thousands. 

Matthew makes all the wrong people angry and he finds himself in a \”prime\” spot on the frontlines. 

…Without any military training.

No one thought of this alien invasion scenario. The Coalition figured the only possible alien invasion would come from the Alexandrian Republic, not somewhere far beyond the reaches of their galactic empire.

The Battle for Allegra: First Kill S1:E2

Kill or Be Killed.

Cliché? Yes. True? Even more so.

Matthew, a (forcibly) retired 20-year-old fisherman is about to get thrown into the meat grinder of war.

If that isn’t bad enough, he’s stuck on the frontlines while the rest of the Coalition’s army awaits a “master plan” that has yet to emerge. Even after over a month of aimless fighting.

Will Matthew survive his first day on the front, despite his obvious lack of training?

For years the Coalition figured that the only possible alien invasion would come from the Alexandrian Republic, not somewhere far beyond the reaches of their galactic empire. The Coalition wasn’t ready for an alien invasion, and civilians like Matthew are left to pick up the tab.

The Battle for Allegra: The Hunt S1:E3

Honor the Dead …Even if You’re the One that killed them.

Matthew killed a Toa warrior, and now he has been invited to take part in a “glory hunt” to honor the dead Toaz.

Rav’ian, Matthew’s Toaz companion has opted to lead the way again, and she already has a target in mind.

She wants to hit a hive of the alien invaders with just her and Matthew.

In the process of this Matthew and Rav’ian have to rescue some Coalition space marines, and even encounter some interesting space marine mechs.  

The Battle for Allegra: Relegated S1:E4

Matthew is tasked with killing a friend…

At the request of space marine Second Lieutenant Seville Wyndover, Matthew is hunting down his friend James.

Matthew and Rav\’ian rescued Wyndover at the expense of their \”glory hunt.\” Once Wyndover was saved, he returned the favor by giving them with more supplies than a Mudder could have dreamed of. 

Matthew\’s greatest dilemma isn\’t the fact that he is hunting down a friend.

Now he himself is being hunted. 

Will he be able to kill his hunters before they kill him?

The Battle for Allegra: Retrieval S1:E5

Matthew Doesn\’t Like the Idea of Killing People.

Killing Beets was one thing, after all, they\’re the invaders.

People, on the other hand, the act left a bad taste in Matthew\’s mouth. It also felt like it ripped a piece of his soul out of him.

But, that\’s his mission. In fact, it\’s his first real one from a superior officer. 

He has to recover the stolen mech and put down those who stole it. Anyone who stood in the way would likely be ready to kill him, so he\’d have to act first. 

Will Matthew and his newfound allies be able to complete the mission?

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