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Accolade takes place in the year 2249 on a planet you may recognize from another book or two–Galatia.

41 years before my first series: The Limit of Infinity, there was a lot of groundwork that had to be laid down to stoke a rebellion.

The Coalition government of Galatia has been spinning tales for years in order to keep its people docile.

Many thousands of people are living under fortified Domes, cut off from the wilds beyond. Wilds that are teaming with hybrid monsters that are the culmination of years of cruel experimentation.

The outside world has to be tamed and to do so, the Coalition has decided children are their best bet. The “best of the best” have been set aside to take part in something they call the “Stalwart Program.” A program that trains and arms teens and young adults to go to war against the savage animals beyond the walls of the Domes they grew up under.

Accolade follows the journey of three young men who help to get the Resistance movement going.

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Also Note: Changes are ongoing here, this is a big project! Bear with me! 🙂

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