New Book Release! Wayward: Long Way from Home (The Limit of Infinity Book Four)

New Release! Wayward: Long Way from Home

After many months of writing and editing, I can finally say that The Limit of Infinity Book Four is finally done!!!

Yes, you can finally find out what happened after book three.


For those of you who were waiting and are all too ready to preorder it, here\’s the link!

From The Amazon Page:

As if things weren\’t bad enough already, they just got worse.

How much worse?

The Chariwoman, Virus, ratted out Clive and the rest of Eagle Fleet to the Coalition. Long story short, that means the Coalition is sending in a battle fleet to deal with Clive and his wayward rebels.

Can our heroes lead the way to victory? Or will they find themselves enslaved or killed? 

Will they ever make it off of Strehim?

Wayward is the fourth book in the action-packed The Limit of Infinity Sci-Fi Epic. Delve into this fascinating universe that is full of thrilling science fiction action. Join Trix Callaghan, Clive Ranger, and Richardson as they fight back against the Coalition, the Galactic Empire everyone dreads. Partake in the final days of the civil war that has divided the galaxy for generations. 

All the Space Marines who put their lives on the lines as Space Fleets battled in the heavens would roll in their graves if they saw what the Coalition was doing in the not-so-far future of 2290.

This is the Sci-Fi military fiction book you\’ve been wanting. If you loved Jude Watson\’s Last of the Jedi series, Dune, or Stargate, you\’re sure to love Wayward: Long Way From Home. It\’s time we see this dystopian government topple!

Preorder Wayward: Long Way From Home Today!

From The Author!

I took a special pleasure in writing Wayward, I think it was one of the easiest books to write that I\’ve written so far! So much of what happened just seemed to happen naturally–I didn\’t have to force things along at all.

Wayward ended up being just under 53,000 words, which does make it the shortest book in The Limit of Infinity series by about 2,000 words. However, that doesn\’t mean that a lot of stuff didn\’t happen!

I ended up cutting it off shorter than I wanted simply because the book ended so well! I just kept writing so many different chapter starts and it felt so wrong! I finally decided to allow our heroes a little bit of reprieve.

…However, that isn\’t saying that they weren\’t left with some pretty big issues!

Book Five of the series should be coming out before too long and it\’s on my list of priorities. In addition to that project, I will also be working on the next book of The Battle for Allegra and a few side stories that will fill in a gap that is left between this book (Wayward) and whatever The Limit of Infinity Book Five ends up being called. This will be from the POV of characters other than Clive, Trix, Storm, and Richardson,


It will bring in a character or two from The Battle for Allegra. Yep. I said it. We\’ve got ourselves a tie-in!

So, sit tight and those will be released before too long! :)

Go ahead and preorder Wayward now to see what happens to our friends Clive, Trix, and Richardson! (And Storm too!)

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