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New Release! The Battle for Allegra: Sanctuary

At long last, The Battle for Allegra Episode Six is finished!

Cover for the newly released book: The Battle for Allegra: Sanctuary. Copyright Caleb Fast 2020

For those of you who can\’t wait another moment, here\’s the link! …And a button!

From the Amazon Page:

Wars have a way of dragging on, and sometimes you need a safe harbor.

A Sanctuary, if you will.

Having reclaimed the stolen mech, Firefly, Matthew is now concerned with saving Marie.

After all, she saved him. He\’s bound by honor to do the same in return. 

With the twins Alois and Louise at his side, Matthew reasons that the odds are stacked in his favor. 

Problem is, they aren\’t.

Join Matthew as he fights to save Allegra!

Sanctuary is the third book in the short story military sci-fi series The Battle for Allegra. Dive into this thrilling story that is filled with all sorts of sci-fi warfare. If you love reading about ordinary people getting thrown into extraordinary circumstances, alien invasions, and space marine mechs, then Sanctuary is the book for you! 

This is the sci-fi novella you\’ve been waiting for. If you loved Battlestar Galactica, The ExpanseSG-1, or Star Wars then you\’re sure to love The Battle for Allegra: The Hunt.


The Battle of Allegra is intended to be read in order! Each episode (which will be at least 10,000 words long) tells more of the story. Join in and read them today to see what befalls both Matthew and an entire planet which are both thrust into war they didn’t ask for.

Sanctuary clocks in at 18,000 words, making it the longest episode to date. It\’s nearly twice as long as the usual book! 

From the back cover:

After just three long Allegran days on the
frontlines, Matthew is spent. He can’t help
but feel like he is turning his back on
everything that once defined him.

When Matthew and the twins return to the
Bulwark, they are met with a devastating

Everything is on fire.

Will Matthew still be able to save Marie?

Is she even alive?

From the Author!

I know this one took a lot longer than expected, but I\’m back on the writing horse now!

I came out of the gate swinging on this one too!

The Battle for Allegra: Sanctuary, is the longest book in the series so far! Clocking in at over 18,000 words, it is nearly two episodes long!

Why did I do such a thing?

Two reasons. One, I like my readers! I wanted to give you a little more in this book to show my appreciation to those of you who have been anxiously awaiting its release. The second reason is that this plane was a little hard to land. I could have left you on a big cliffhanger (which no one likes), or I could have wrapped things up a lot faster than they should have been, or (this is the option I went for) I could write a longer book to land the plane right.

And I landed this proverbial plane pretty well, if I say so myself.

I got to resolve some issues that I was having with where things were going and how rough Matthew was having it at the end. But, you will have to read the book to find out what I did for Matthew to make his life a little easier and make the name \”Sanctuary\” make sense!

So, buy the book now! Find out what happened!

P.S. Book seven is well in the works! It won\’t take nearly so long to get this one done.
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