Accolade – Chapter Twenty-One

Roland Dixon

West of Paradise, Galatia

Roland looks around at everyone that he had gathered after the hybrid attack that morning. All in all, just six people were missing. Maverick assured him that at least two of those who were missing were still safe, something about Sylvia knowing how to protect herself. Frowning, Roland mutters to himself, “If she was so good at staying safe then she wouldn’t have ditched the group.”

“We’re still looking for Meghan, Tyson, Lilian, and Craig,” someone quietly reports to Maverick. They exchange a few words quietly and Roland can’t make anything out.

Roland waits for the person to leave before he makes his way over to Maverick. He pauses long enough to confirm that no one was eavesdropping and then asks, “Any idea where those four are?”

“Not really,” Maverick sighs. Looking around he seemingly zones out for a few beats before coming back to reality and answering, “I wouldn’t be surprised if Meghan followed Gideon and Sylvia on their little mission though.”

“That doesn’t sound very assuring,” Roland shakes his head. He couldn’t see how Maverick could be in charge of a team if he had lost track of so many people and gone through a munity. The fact this had all happened in the course of a day or so added to Roland’s doubts.

“Well I’m not very sure. Everything happened so quick.”

“That’s just how things happen out here, you’ll have to get used to it.”

“How often do the hybrids attack you and your team?”

“They haven’t for quite some time, that’s something that has been worrying me. I think they might have been tracing your friend who was injured though.”

Maverick purses his lips and a look of worry washes over his face. He quickly wipes the look away and asks, “So they were hunting us?”


“Do you think they…”

“…Killed your friend? I don’t know, it could be possible. However, there weren’t any kill zones around camp, so he must have gotten away at least initially. Maybe the other people we haven’t tracked down are still with him.”

“I hope so,”

“Wherever they are, we’ll find them,” Roland pledges. He considers adding ‘or what’s left of them,’ but opts against it. There was no knowing what their fates were for sure, not until the twins got back with their scouting reports. Scanning the treetops, Roland eventually says, “We should get back to camp, I doubt they came this way. We would have seen something by now.”

Nodding morosely, Maverick agrees, “Lead the way.”

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