Review: That Hideous Strength


That Hideous Strength

By C.S. Lewis

My Rating 10/10

This book did feel a little clunky when I first started it. To me, it felt like C.S. Lewis was trying to force a third book into his Space Trilogy. But, after a short while, this feeling passed and I was once again fully in the story.

Despite my initial withholdings, this book turned out to be really good. Something about C.S. Lewis\’s writing just draws you back in.

Despite this book taking place within the Space Trilogy, it ended up taking more of a fantastical route, like Narnia. If it were published today, I would say this would fall into the realm of Urban Fantasy meets Science Fiction. All in all, I think I ended up enjoying it even more than I liked the first two books. I\’m a sucker for the Arthurian legend. (Yes, that\’s a spoiler, enjoy it!)

My Store Review: (5 Stars)

I liked That Hideous Strength more than book two. I think this is because C.S. Lewis reverted back to his strong suit of medieval literature. He just has such a knack for it! That being said, it is still sci-fi and awesome. I really liked both this book, and the series as a whole.

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