Review: Perelandra



By C.S. Lewis

My Rating 9.5/10

I was very happy when I learned that there was a second (and later a third) book in C.S. Lewis\’s venture into science fiction.

On the one hand, I really liked the story and wanted some more. On the other, I did have some unanswered questions that needed answering. This book did a great job at answering them, and I felt satisfied.

…And yet there was still a third book in the series! Everything seemed to be tied up nicely, so I was curious. We had already visited our two neighboring planets, so my curiosity seemed well-founded.

My Store Review: (4.7 Stars)

Great book that really put the C.S. Lewis flare into this series. I liked how Venus was depicted as a very livable world in this book.

Caleb Fast\’s Store Review

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