Review: Out of the Silent Planet


Out of the Silent Planet

By C.S. Lewis

My Rating 10/10

This book is great at face value, and then when you start thinking about it, it gets even better.

C.S. Lewis describes space travel before man had ever been to space. In fact, he does it pretty well too! For me, a science guy, I found this very interesting.

Once I finally got past the nifty-ness of the science, I found myself just as interested in the story. I really enjoyed how C.S. Lewis painted a picture of an inhabited Mars. The tastefulness that he is known for was carried over into this book which made it all the more enjoyable.

Ransom, the hero of the story, is someone I can really relate to at times. However, at the same time, his character is also just not relatable enough that I found myself all the more drawn in. His strange differences piqued my interest in a way I didn\’t think it could.

This book made me think of two different stories. One, of course, is C.S. Lewis\’s Narnia. In some ways, this felt like Narnia in space. That being said, it also made me think about Edgar Rice Burroughs\’s John Carter. Of course, there are quite a few differences, but it just felt like a cool crossover.

My Store Review: (5 Stars)

I\’m a sci-fi fan and a C.S. Lewis fan. I didn\’t find out about this book until a few years ago, and I quickly picked up a copy and burned through it. It was amazing, and I loved how C.S. Lewis had such great insight into space travel. I highly recommend it!

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