Review: Pearl Harbor


Pearl Harbor

By A.J. Barker

My Rating 10/10

This book opened my eyes to so much stuff I never knew about WWII. A.J. Barker took so much time to research countless facts that are commonly overlooked.

I\’m a history buff and a huge fan of straight facts, so I loved this book. The fact that A.J. Barker is a veteran adds to his credibility as well.

Something I loved in particular about this book was all the content Mr. Barker had on why Japan bombed Pearl Harbor (spoiler alert, they had a very good reason!). So often, people gloss over the \”why\” and they paint a horrible image of Imperial Japan. Yes, Japan did commit quite a few atrocities, Pearl Harbor included, but they weren\’t raving madmen.

This book also takes time to go over the shortcomings of the United States who had intelligence reports that Pearl Harbor was going to be bombed long before it happened. In fact, Japan warned the US that they would be forced to go to war if their oil was cut off. Of course, the book goes a lot more into the interesting details, and I shouldn\’t spoil too much, so I\’ll stop there.

This book boasts quite a few photographs from WWII all of which are placed right where they ought to be for the book. I loved them. The images illustrate the war very well, and I found myself enthralled by several of them.

I got a second-hand copy of the paperback at a garage sale, and I must admit that it did not survive the test of time. Several pages were loose, which was a bummer for a tactile book lover like me. Regardless, there are a lot of these books in better condition, so you may want to get one of those!

My Store Review: (5 Stars)

I am a major student of history. World War Two is a particular point of interest for me, so I decided to pick up this book on a whim. I quickly fell in love with it as I learned so many new facts about the War in the Pacific during the Second World War. There was so much new insight into what happened at Pearl Harbor, why it happened, and how it happened. I know I\’m far from being an expert, but this book was a huge step in the right direction!

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