Review: B-17s Over Berlin


B-17s Over Berlin

By Ian L. Hawkins

My Rating 10/10

This is my all-time favorite WWII book (or it\’s way up there, at the very least). A definite must-read for any World War enthusiast.

The content can\’t be beat. This book is filled to the brim with first-hand accounts from quite a few airmen from the Second World War. These airmen all served in the 95th Bomb Group in the USAAF* (United States Army Air Force). These heroes\’ roles in the fall of Hitler\’s Europe cannot be overstated. Without the unwavering courage of these airmen, the war on Nazism could have very well been lost.

B-17s Over Berlin recounts numerous tales that range from lighthearted true stories and tall tales to harrowing recounts of death and near-death. This book provides valuable insight into the lives of these wonderful GIs, and I have read through it several times now.

This book also has several black-and-white photos that really help to paint a better picture of what these airmen saw. Many of these photos were taken during the various missions the bombers ran and they are beautiful.

I got the hardcover version of this book, and it is gorgeous. I highly recommend getting this one in hardcover, and I don\’t say that often! It just commands such a presence.

My Store Review: (5 Stars)

This may very well be one of the best books on the Second World War. It follows the lives of quite a few US airmen in the USAAF who did what was thought to be impossible. They bombed Berlin in the broad daylight. I have the hardcover and love it! It has a prized place on my shelf.

A must-read (It is also a great source for research projects, I got quite a few A\’s on assignments I referenced this book in.)

Caleb Fast\’s Store Review

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*Interestingly enough, the USAF (United States Air Force) didn\’t come into being until after WWII. Up until World War Two the various bomber and fighter wings were all part of the Army or Navy and not part of their own Air Force.

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