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By Chandler Bolt

My Rating 10/10

This is a fantastic book for anyone who wants to publish a book. It gives you a fantastic step-by-step guide, and it has a free audiobook download link inside of it too!

Up until reading this book, I never dog eared a page in a book. I didn\’t underline or write notes in a book either. This book was so good and so informative that I found myself doing both! And trust me, I never, like, never never mark up a book like this. That\’s how good it was.

I didn\’t stumble across this book, or the rest of Chandler Bolt\’s offerings until I already had several books out. Within a matter of a few weeks, I had his book and a membership with his super helpful school. And trust me, once you finish this book, you\’ll be at least a little interested in his Self Publishing School.

And if you are interested in Self Publishing School, please check them out! If you are interested in Self Publishing School (SPS) please send me an email at so I can set things up for you. If you buy one of their awesome coaching programs I will also send you some free bonus content I wish I had when I started writing. Please note, I will receive compensation if you choose to sign up with SPS.

And if you don\’t want to wait for an email, then check out this link to the Self Publishing School website! Please be sure to say that I (Caleb Fast) referred you because it will get you a sweet little discount! (I will also receive compensation) If you go this route and sign up with them, then I would still love for you to send me an email at so I can send you some great bonus content!

Now, with my shameless plus aside, back to my review. (You really should check Self Publishing School out though, I mean it! I don\’t care if you don\’t mention me, they\’ve got some really great stuff!)

This book includes several different launch strategies that can make your career as an author if done right. These launch strategies can help you get more sales as soon as you publish your book and make you an Amazon Bestseller.

And if you aren\’t at the publishing stage yet, then this book still is for you! The first section (7 whole chapters) is committed to helping you write your book! If you have yet to write a book, then you\’ve got an amazing journey ahead of you, and (another shameless plug) Self Publishing School can help you there too!

My Store Review: (5 Stars)

This is a must-read for everyone who wants to be a published author. If you are writing fiction or non-fiction, this book can really help in your publishing and promoting! You can even benefit if you\’ve already published a few books, as I found out. 🙂

Caleb Fast\’s Store Review

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