The Battle for Allegra Book Six Update!

Writer Update!

Current Progress

Book Six is well underway, and I\’m really liking where things are going here.

I am over 20% in, but I have the rest of the book already brainstormed (for the most part). If all goes well, this book will end up being around 12,000 words long and will (hopefully) give Matthew a bit of a breather at the end! After all, one can only see so much action before some serious fatigue sets in.

Difficulties I\’m Having

To be honest, this whole series has been a tad difficult for me to write. Because I strive to be as scientifically accurate as I can, I have to put a lot of thought into stuff that isn\’t directly story!

One of the biggest hangups I\’ve had with this series is the effects of having five moons. For starters, they can\’t all be out at the same time, as this would likely end up ripping them apart due to all the gravity that would cause. I\’ve got other issues too, but all I can say is that I\’m basically making myself a textbook about Allegra so I can keep everything straight!

…Actually that\’s one of the reasons why this book is taking so long to get out!

My other issue is dealing with writing about a planet that has such long days and nights! 22 hour nights and then 35 hours of daylight makes quite the long day. And with the longer days, I find myself running into some strange roadblocks. For starters, I have to answer the questions, \”What does everyone do during the day?\” \”Why doesn\’t anyone else do anything during the nights? Why don\’t the Toaz force everyone else to join their hunts?\”

Of course, these questions have already been addressed at least a little bit, but there\’s a lot more detail that I think I need to go into. In the short story format, this is rather difficult. I\’ll probably end up doing a few prequel and spinoff series because of all of these questions. However, I won\’t be doing that until you, my readers, start to ask the questions! (Hint, hint!)

Takeaway/Parting Thought

Well, I can say that book six will still take a while before I release it. I\’ve got several other projects in the works right now, and I\’m also waiting to see how much more love this series is going to get. I haven\’t shelved it, nor will I, but for the time being, I can\’t focus on it like I have been.

I\’ll have more updates available as I go, so stay tuned! :)

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