Current Works In Progress (28.05.2020)

Writer Update

Hello fans!

I\’ve been burning countless hours on several different projects lately, and I thought I\’d shed a little light on why it\’s taking me SO long to get The Battle for Allegra VI out.

What are these projects?

Well, I\’m glad you asked! 😉

For starters, I\’ve been working on a story for a sweet little competition, adding some more stuff to Accolade, and I\’m working on a few anthologies with other science fiction writers.

All of these projects are progressing well, and I\’ve just about wrapped up my work on the latter of the three works.

The first two are available to read right now and I would love for all of you to check them out! 🙂


This story is up on my site right now and you can read all 12 of its current chapters right now. You can check it out with the link below:

If you haven\’t read this one yet, then I highly recommend doing so! I started this story several years ago and have been updating it chapter by chapter for my email subscribers who get to see it first.

Accolade takes place in the year 2249, 41 years before my series \”The Limit of Infinity\”. Join a motley group of teens as they take on the beasts from the wilds beyond the safety of the Domes they grew up in.

Survivor Log: Those Left Behind:

This story is taking part in a contest that caused me to stretch myself a little bit. The contest called for \”darker\” and \”scarier\” stories, and I thought the forests of Galatia would be the ideal fit for this!

So, I had to decide on my course of action, should I do an Accolade side story, or a side story to Renaissance.

I ended up going for a Renaissance side story that tells of the struggles of all of the men and women that were left behind when Clive and the other inmates escaped Paradise.

So, if you\’re interested in finding out what happened to them, check out my story! But, before you do, I warn you: this story is a bit bloodier than my other ones!

And yes, this story is on another website. It won\’t be on my website for a few shakes because I need all the traffic I can get there so I can win the competition!

Thanks for exploring the future with me!

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