Review: The Blue Serpent


The Blue Serpent

By Claire Buss

My Rating 9.5/10

Right off the bat, I will say that I am a sucker for wars and rumors of war. If the stakes aren\’t insanely high (life and death, extinction of mankind, all those funzies) then I will usually end up being more critical. Hey, I love a book with a good \”pew pew\”, ok?

That being said, this book may not have had any \”pew pew\”-ing, but it did hold my attention, and give me a sense of intrigue. And the writing? Wow.

Like, wow, wow.

It isn\’t often that I stumble across a super well-written piece like this. Perhaps it is just because the author is from the UK and seemingly everyone across the pond is good at writing. Her editing was amazing, and her descriptiveness was very keen.

Although I wasn\’t too hot on some of the more unusual aspects of this book, namely the first story, the rest of it more than made up for it. There was plenty of creative writing that took an interesting, albeit somewhat critical, look on society today. The science fiction aspects of this book are loose, as the book seems to be based in the very near future. In fact, several companies from today were referenced throughout the various stories.

My Store review: (5 Stars)

This book has a neat collection of short tales and flash fiction that cover a broad scope of people\’s lives. Some stories are super imaginative, some are unusual, but all are enjoyable. I really enjoyed the author\’s writing ability and her descriptions, they had an artistic flare that didn\’t seem too abstract.

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