The Battle For Allegra – Season One Announcement!

After nearly a whole year, Season One of The Battle for Allegra is complete.

That\’s ten episodes and well over 100,000 words.

Yeah, that\’s a lot of word!

To be rightly honest, I know that it\’s a lot more words than just that, but I\’m keeping the final total as a secret for those of you who preorder the books to find out.

I have the covers complete for all of The Battle for Allegra books and the books themselves that are up for preorder are going through the final rounds of edits. I am working with Amazon still to get everything \’live\’ on Amazon still, so bear with me! 🙂 Once all these books are live, I\’ll make another post with links to preorder them for my top four countries for sales (US, UK, Australia, and Canada).

A lot is happening and I can\’t wait to see how much you all love the books!

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